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Green houses are climate controlled.Bhumikisan Agrotech Green House have a variety of applications, the majority being, off-season growing of vegetables, floriculture, planting material acclimatization, fruit crop growing for export market and plant breeding and varietals improvement. In conventional Agronomical practices, the crops are being grown / cultivated in the open field under natural conditions where the crops are more susceptible to sudden changes in climate i.e. temperature, humidity, light intensity, photo period and other conditions due to which the quality, yield of a particular crop can get affected and may be decreased.


  • Green house are perfectly maintained in concrete ensures resting of main column on concrete.
  • Green house structure Galvanized Steel Construction
  • Complete structure is assembled with Nut-bolts & Clamps.
  • UV stabilized covering materials like 200 micron Flim & 40/50 mesh Insect Net or shade net 50%.
  • Natural Roof and side wall ventilation system.
  • Special Aluminum locking and fastening profile for covering material.
  • Cooling Pad and Exhaust Fan System.

Special Features of Matribhumi Green House

  • Green House Perfectly Maintained in concrete ensure resting of main column on concreate.
  • UV Stabalised covering materials like 200 micron film & 40/50 mesh insect net or shade net 50%.
  • Green House Stucture Are Galvanised Steel.
  • Natural Roof and side wall ventilation system.

Cultivation in Poly Green House