There was a time when it seemed like a lemon with a salad. Sometimes lemon to eat rice or polao, sometimes in sherbet. Perceptions about lemons have changed over time. Again, when you are eating fruit at this time of summer, you can eat Lemon in many ways, for many reasons. As delicious as Lemon fruit is, it has many qualities.

Lemonade is the most popular food on the day of Ramadan. Uses lemons to bake a variety of foods. Water made with honey and lemon in warm water reduces body fat. Lemon is always being used as a detox. Drinks made with baking soda and lemon help to reduce weight. Soy sauce used in sea food increases weight. If you have trouble cooking, add a teaspoon of lemon juice and a pinch of sugar. Will boil quickly.


In Indian market, lemons are very demandable fruit due to its nutritional value. Lemon farming is a very good resource of good income with less effort rather than traditional other farming. The best part is, we are epertise in growing good quality of lemon saplings at very reasonable price. Contact us to know more details about lemon farming absoluately free.