Gerbera is an important commercial cut flower crop. Gerbera flowers have a wide range of colors, including yellow, orange, cream-white, pink, brick red, red color, terracotta, and various other intermediate colors. Sometimes in double varieties, bicolor flowers are beautiful; Gerbera flower stalks are long, thin, and leafy.

In Greenhouse Gerbera cultivated in Soil or Soilless media ( coco peat). Both have their own advantage & limitation.

  1. Gerbera cultivation cost increase in soilless media is around 30-30%.
  2. Production is higher in soilless media compare to soil media.
  3. Required very close monitoring.
  4. Soilless media is suitable for a large area of more than 2 Acre.
  5. In India, mostly soil media is preferred for gerbera cultivation due to electricity & irrigated water quality.

The major  Gerbera producing states in India are  Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat, Tamilnadu, West Bengal, and Himachal Pradesh.