Soil treatment: At the time of last plowing before sowing in the field, 5-6 kg of Bhumikisan Zinc Plus 33% mixed with soil and urea should be scattered in the field and used.

Foliar spraying: If the symptoms of zinc deficiency appear in the plants, 1/2 to 1 kg of Bhumikisan Zinc Plus 33% dissolved in 200 litters of water should be sprayed at an interval of 15 days for one acre of land.

To make the solution neutral while spraying, mix 500 grams of quick lime (and 2 to 3 kg of urea) and filter it in a fine cloth.

  • No flow problem at high temperature.
  • Being slow releasing, available to plants for a long time
  • No reaction with urea.
  • Application quantity only 5-6 kg per acre.
  • No loss of weight for longer shelf life.
  • Also available with 15% Sulphur in addition to 33% Zinc.
  • Due to less leaching, the entire quantity of crops available to plants: sugarcane, paddy, wheat, maize, cotton, potato, and vegetables, menthe, pulses, oilseeds, tea, coffee, tobacco, poppy, mango and other fruit-bearing crops.


BHUMIKISAN ZINC PLUS 33%                   Quantity: 1kg.   Price: ₹279