BHUMIKISAN Mag Plus 9.6%

Bhumikisan Mag Plus 9.6% Contains Magnesium 9.6%, Sulphur 12% Enriched With Primary Nutrients Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Which Is Very Essential For Photosynthesis & Chlorophyll Molecule. Bhumikisan Mag Plus 9.6% Is Associated With Activation of Enzymes, Energy Transfer Production of Protein & Metabolism of Carbohydrates. Bhumikisan Mag Plus 9.6% Deficiency Usually Found In Light Acidic Soil & high Rainfall Area, Magnesium Deficiency Causes Red Leaf Disease. In Plantation Crops Magnesium is considered to be the Fourth Important Nutrient As Far As the Quantity of Various Plant Nutrients Are Concerned.



Keep Plants Healthy & Green.

Activates The Absorption Of Other Nutrients From Soil.

Plants Become Resistant To Diseases.

Improves The Quality & Quantity Of The Yield.

SYMPTOMS: Interveinal  Chlorosis Of Older Leaves In Which Veins Remain Green & The Inter Veinal Area Turns Yellow. The leaves May Remain Small & Drop Prematurely.


BHUMIKISAN Mag   Plus 9.6%                     Quantity: 1kg.   Price: ₹149