Protect Soil to Save Earth

Aquamix Power has been developed by Bhumikisan Agrotech Pvt. Ltd. for the protection of soil to prevent diseases caused by soil acidity which protects our nature mother. AQUAMIX POWER names each initial has special internal meaning, which is A for Acid, Q for Quacaming, U for Unit, A for Again, M for Microbial, I for Initiation, X for Mass. POWER means It helps to bring the unit of soil fertility to the same point. Aquamix Power has natural antacid of 70 percent Chelated Calcium, 5 percent magnesium and inedible enzymes which help all kinds of corps cells to make very quick organic chemical reaction.



  1. Aquamix Power can fulfill the lack or waste of calcium and magnesium due to soil acidity and normalizing good health of plants.
  2. Uses of this product can reduce the uses of harmful chemical fertilizer and pesticide uses will be stopped.
  3. It can prevent plants from root rot, tree peels, nematode, clubroot, fungus, soil and waterborne all diseases.
  4. Its uses can normalize harmful organic acidity of crop cells and increase green particle growth. It can also help to transfer the crop ingredients from one part to another part.
  5. It can increase the number of beneficial bacteria living in the soil, for example – Nitro Bacteria, Phosphor Bacteria, Azotobacter Bacteria etc. As a result N.P.K fertilizers effectiveness will increased and reduce the cost of farming.
  6. It strengthens the cell wall of the crop as well as strengthen and adhesive the soil and provide long period of effectiveness. It has no side effect. It can be spread in the field at the beginning of the farming month or before the first planting. Can also be used as a compressor.