About Us

Bhumikisan Agrotech Pvt. Ltd. plantation started it’s journey in the year of 2010.

At the very begining we had only plantation service. We mainly focused on customer statisfaction. The company started business on bio-fortilizer and fishary products later on. We are happy to say that now we have 3000+ happy customers. We have worked in several government and corporate projects.

Bio-products are eco-friendly and it has no harmful effect. It is also cost effective. So when bio-products are used it not only save enviorenment it also save your money. 


Our Mission

We are here to provide the best quality of Bio-fertilizers to the farmers to increase their farming production up to 30-40%. Our policy is to achieve farmers’ satisfaction both by providing them with high level Bio Fertilizers and services that meet or exceed their expectation. It is our effort to manufacture products to suit the exact requirement of our farmers.

Our Vision

To become a leader in biofertilizer production and plantation process industry and in production/marketing of agroproducts and other eco-friendly products like Biofertilizers/Plants

  • Efficient Operations
  • Quality Products
  • Market Orientation and
  • Dedicated manpower

Our Directors

Jasmine Bibi

Shahid Anowar


Main Reasons Why Choose Us

Quality Products

To serve and provide high quality biofertilizers and plants to farmers with a comprehensive service and solutions.

Timely delivery

We are comitted to timely delivery of biofertilizers and plants to our farmers.

Premium Service & Support

We have dedicated team to support and provide any kind of service/guidence to farmers by 24x7.

Competitive prices

Our biofertilizers and plants are with very good quality and reasonable price.

Field Representatives

We have 50+ expert representatives for your guidance and support you to earn more income

Our Marketing Partner